On Friday 30 November 2018 AEDBF/EVBFR-Belgium and AEDBF Europe are co-organising an international conference on ‘Currencies’, in the National Bank of Belgium in Brussels.

The Scientific Committee of AEDBF has put together a program with a panel of experts from various European countries who will share their legal analysis and views on old and new money. After examining the legal characteristics and the cultural and social role of classic money as legal tender, they will look into the inevitable phenomenon of crypto-currencies and the comeback of local currencies. What is their legal qualification and how do regulators position themselves towards these alternative currencies?

In the evening of that same day, there will be a festive dinner to celebrate the 30st anniversary of AEDBF, a unique opportunity to meet AEDBF-members from all over Europe.

The next morning, on Saturday 1 December, we invite our guests to a guided tour of the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium.

The brochure with the detailed program and practical info will be available soon.